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Potent Quotables: Existential and Experimental Dining

Instead of real blogging, here’s a snippet from a literature review on culinary tourism motivations that I somehow pounded out in one long weekend.

Potent Quotables: Jamie Oliver’s Chicken Nuggets

I can’t quite decide if Jamie Oliver is a media darling or a media whore — is there any sort of media he hasn’t touched? — but I have decided that I like what he’s doing in “Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution,” a reality show/documentary about the Naked Chef’s attempts to reform America’s school lunch system and improve our eating habits.

Confessions of a Nonalcoholic, Part II

The gripping conclusion (drama effect added) to my saga as a lifelong Asian lightweight: learning to drink as an “adult” and reconciling the inextricable tie of alcohol with my career.

Confessions of a Nonalcoholic, Part I

My name is Nancy. I am Asian. I am a nonalcoholic. I’ve struggled with the non-ability to drink since I was born. This is the beginning of my journey of lifelong social embarrassment.

The Culture of Comp

What is the Culture of Comp? Is there a standard of etiquette for comps? Where is the line between freebies and freeloading? What are the expectations between those who comp and those who get comped? Let me share some thoughts with you from a PR perspective.

Mmm… all-natural, laboratory-raised, petri-grown pork. Delicious.

In the storied culinary history of Europe, from French haute cuisine, to rustic Italian cooking, to the cutting-edge molecular gastronomy of the Spanish, 2009 may go down in textbooks to mark the rise of Dutch meat. Or more specifically, “meat.” Scientists in the Netherlands recently claimed to have produced artificial meat in a laboratory setting, using cells extracted from a live pig and grown in a petri dish.

Thank You for High Fructose Corn Syrup

A recent health headline in the Chicago Tribune read: Natural sugar versus high-fructose corn syrup: Scientists see little dietary benefit in food companies’ scramble to swap out processed sweeteners for natural ones. As a PR professional, I know a well-pitched story when I see one. This one is so cookie-cutter textbook perfect that communications professors will have it up on their PowerPoint any day now.

A quick plug for Food Inc.

Though I am resigned to believing that I am preaching to choir here, I want to highly recommend that you see the recently released documentary Food Inc., a veritable food horror story of America’s industrialized food system and its numerous effects on our health, environment, economy and more.