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Pera Soho – Soho


I’m a sucker for good baba ganoush, and Pera Soho happens to do a modern twist on it, mixing the smoked eggplant with a garlicky yogurt.  And they’re not shy with bread, either.  (Pet peeve of mine: offering some sort of dip on a menu and then being stingy about the bread that comes with…

The Saint Austere – Williamsburg


Hands down, this is one of my favorite places in my neighborhood — and I don’t take that label lightly.  Velvety polenta hand-whisked for five hours and topped with a spicy sausage ragu… ah, that’s heaven in your mouth for just $10.  The tripe stew is also impressive, if not downright ballsy, for a bar…

Fort Defiance – Red Hook


I’m not sure what possessed me to pitch a bar in Red Hook in the first place — it would mean I would actually have to get my ass down to that remote neighborhood inconveniently located away from any subway line (or other sign of civilization in NYC).  You may think I’m exaggerating, but my…

Sons of Essex – Lower East Side


Is it a restaurant or a nightclub?  Although I normally try to avoid this identity-crisis bars, I begrudgingly admit that Sons of Essex surprised me with at least a few good dishes.  Their hen and waffle combo is one of the better ones in the city, perfectly cooked and proportioned.  And who doesn’t love fried…

169 Bar – Lower East Side


If you make it to this remote corner of the Lower East Side, it’s worth stopping in at the kitschy 169 Bar, which serves up some seriously great blue crab legs for just $6.  If anything, it’s worth getting just so you can lick up the spicy Old Bay sauce that the crabs are bathed…

Vault at Pfaff’s – NoHo


The basement space at the corner of Broadway and Bleecker has taken many forms throughout its existence, but perhaps none as interesting as its original: a mid-19th century hangout for America’s original bohemians. Charles Pfaff’s beer cellar was long a waterhole for a group of literary thinkers such as Walt Whitman and Henry Clapp Jr.,…

The Caulfield – Flatiron


I’m not totally sure I understand this bar.  Though named after the famed protagonist in The Catcher in the Rye, The Caulfield’s menus don’t necessarily translate to classic 1950s New York—not even a hint of a martini or Tom Collins on the menu.  Plus, the food is Mexican-style.  Eh, at least the tacos are pretty decent……

Alewife Queens – Long Island City


The pub masters behind neighborhood bars Lord Hobo in Cambridge, Mass., and the original Alewife in Baltimore have opened their latest venture, Alewife Queens, located in the residential recesses of Long Island City. The bar is one of their most ambitious yet, if perhaps a little too ambitious… Still, jalapeno mac and cheese with BBQ pork…

Patiala – Flatiron


Somehow I managed to order some of the most unappetizing-looking food on the menu for this review.  Ever since I’ve avoided ordering anything resembling meat on a stick for Serious Eats.  No odd camera angles or mad Photoshopping can make it look good. But damn, did it taste good. Bar Eats: Patiala at Junoon

Pipa Tapas y Mas – Flatiron


Spanish tapas in a furniture store?  Why not. Whether it’s dates or birthdays or bachelorette parties, Pipa Tapas y Mas has become Flatiron’s go-to tapas bar for those long and lingering suppers, punctuated by jovial conversation and glassfuls of sangria. At first glance Pipa is hardly the cozy tavern you would expect from a typical Spanish-style tapas…

The Tippler – Chelsea


What am I, chicken liver? If only the food were as creative as the drinks.   If you’re going to put things like gunpowder tea-infused vodka or smoked salt in a cocktail, then why not spice up the Chicken Liver Pate or the Boquerones (anchovies on toast) with a little something extra?  Pan con Tomate should…

Williams & Bailey – Williamsburg


French Dip, right here in Williamsburg?  Of course, it’s called “Prime Rib Dip,” perhaps to distance itself from the fact that it’s an L.A. creation, but let’s call a spade a spade.  To its credit, Williams & Bailey has a great version of it, with rare slices of tender prime rib and a delightfully salty…

Qi Bangkok Eatery – Times Square


The only reason I went was because my friend Sam Kim told me that the place had a cocktail called “Krungthepmahanakhon Amornrattanakosin Mahintharayutthaya Mahadilokphop Noppharat Ratchathaniburirom Udomratchaniwetmahasathan Amonphiman Awatansathit Sakkathattiyawitsanukamprasit.” Seriously.

t.b.d. – Greenpoint


The Great Outdoors: a concept so foreign to us concrete jungle dwellers that we are willing to accept a wide-open lot as a utopia of sorts.  t.b.d. claims the title of “biggest, baddest backyard in Brooklyn,” and though completely unverified, the sheer number of picnic tables certainly makes it a contender if not the claimant….

Astor Room – Astoria

astor room

Astor Room celebrates its location at the historic Kaufman Astoria Studios with a throwback menu to the “Mad Men” days: Oysters Rockefeller, Beef Wellington, Duck a l’Orange, Lobster Thermidor, you name it. Don’t forget to lighten the load with a Classic Wedge salad.