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Fairmont’s Annals of History

In a 24-hour trip to San Francisco to visit the S.O., the last thing I wanted was rain. Puddle-jumping, plane-delaying, soak-you-to-your-bone rain. But there we were, two kids staring out a drenched window, wondering just what the heck we were going to do with this weekend “getaway.” Armed with new toy in hand, we decided to pull an Eloise at the Plaza and make the hotel our playground.

I went to Delfina, and all I got was this lousy photo…

On a recent trip to San Francisco, I learned the hard way that too much hype can kill a restaurant’s vibe, even for a restaurant as solid as Delfina. Not even a great meal can bring back expectations that have been set far too high.

A Thousand Words: The Golden Gate

It doesn’t get much more touristy than this. But no matter how many times I cross that Golden Gate Bridge, I always feel a sense of awe at American ingenuity. USA! USA! And just so this post isn’t completely pointless, here is a guide to good lookouts and photo spots for the bridge.

A Thousand Words: Tangle

A whirlwind trip to San Francisco this past weekend left little time to sleep, much less blog, but I did manage to capture a moment of tranquility somewhere in the Sunset District. I still marvel at the tangle of electric trolley lines that cast a distinctive web over this tightly packed city.