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The Art Institute of Chicago – A Whole New Perspective


I always find it amusing when people (myself included) go to art museums and take pictures of the art.  What exactly is it that we’re hoping to capture?  Proof that we saw the art firsthand? A miniature replica to frame for the mantle? I recently revisited the Art Institute of Chicago in spring.  Prior to…

Longman & Eagle – A story of Facebook, old friends and food


Where would we be in life if we couldn’t Facebook stalk one another? What would know or not know about each other? My cousin now “In a relationship”… The post-marital bliss of a barely-known Trojan alum… Blathering status updates of a colleague’s baby mama drama… Or an old high school classmate’s shared love of food.

Cross-country Meat Fest, Day 4 – Al’s Beef in Chicago


Our mornings were getting later and later as our restless legs and lack of good night’s rest began to catch up with us. Not only did I manage to forget our leftover KC barbecue for lunch, we also forgot to keep up with our gas levels, leading to some stressful stops in middle-of-nowhere, Midwest USA.

Tony Tasset’s Chicago “Eye-con” or Eyesore?

On July 7, just a few days after the close of the annual Taste of Chicago, the Chicago Loop Alliance will unveil this enormous lifelike eye sculpture in Pritzker Park as part of a celebration of public art in the Loop. Simply entitled EYE, the three-story blue-eyed orb is the brainchild of Tony Tasset, an Midwest-born multimedia artist who currently teaches art at the University of Illinois Chicago.

If Uncle Sam had to pick, he’d choose Chicago

Happy 223rd Birthday, America!   It’s around this time of year that my Midwest roots kick in.  You would never guess that I grew up in Indiana, but put me in a sports bar on 30-cent wing night with a Euchre deck and you’ll quickly see that I’m no Californian by birth.   (Ed. note: Why are…