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Simple Pleasures


Sometimes all you want is beer and cake.  Not necessarily at the same time. Eugene, Oregon has just want you want. Perhaps just what you need. Ninkasi Brewing Company (map) 272 Van Buren St. Eugene, OR 97402 541.344.2739 Sweet Life Patisserie (map) 755 Monroe Street Eugene, OR 97402 541.683.5676

Portland. Keeping it weird.


Portland is a lot like that cool uncle of yours, the one with the tattoo and the longish hair who used to show up at family functions with stories flushed with innuendos about hot girls and smoking pot, which only sounded mysterious and cool as a seven year old.  Also, he bought you Mario Bros…

Gilt Club – Not Colin the Chicken, but Billy the Goat

gilt club

“You know that restaurant that was in that Portlandia clip?  We went.  It’s pretty good.” My friend’s rec had a touch of blasé to its tone, but it was good enough to pique my interest.   With two hours to kill and a belly full of Voodoo Doughnuts and iced coffee, I had nothing left to…

Bunk Sandwiches – Lowering Expectations

spinach and nettles

In typical Portland anti-establishment fashion, the Bunk Sandwiches website says: “We didn’t think it was very nice to brag about how incredibly awesome our sandwiches are.” OK, fine. I’ll do it. Bunk Sandwiches made the best vegetarian sammy I’ve ever eaten. Ever.

Coffee & Doughnuts the Portland Way


Coffee and doughnuts. The Northeast does Dunkin. The South does Krispy Kreme. Canada does Tim Horton’s. And Portland? Well, Portland doesn’t do chains. Unless of course they are locally owned, organically grown, artisanally focused and, of course, quirky to the fullest.

The Call of the Pacific Northwest

pacific northwest

Over the years I’ve made occasional weekend trips to Seattle for this, that or the other, but never had I spent any significant time up there.  So in lieu of planning my typical exotic vacation this spring, I hit the open road: Portland to Vancouver and everywhere in between. I’m no stranger to road trips,…

A Tourist Eats Seattle: Ivar’s and Matt’s in the Market


In a trip to Seattle, I was with old friends, and in some instances, whatever is easiest for the group wins. We found ourselves at two conveniently located tourist eateries: Ivar’s Acres of Clams, located at the waterfront near the Seattle Aquarium, and Matt’s in the Market, located in Pike Place Market.

Discovering Discovery Park

discovery park

Going to a tame little urban park in Seattle seems a bit minor league considering all the spectacular hiking to be done around Mt. Rainer and the surrounds, but when you’ve only got a weekend and a few hours to spare, Discovery Park is worth the detour.

An ode to Pike Place Market


I know Seattle is much more than Pike Place and coffee, but for whatever reason I always find myself at the market every time I’m here. The brisk morning walk from a downtown hotel is just too convenient, the lure of the waterfront too inviting, and the draw of food and shopping and restaurants too exciting.

A Thousand Words: What, you lookin’ at me?


I can’t take credit for snapping this photo, my boyfriend was actually the one who found the cantankerous feller resting at harbor’s edge. Ah, gray skies and a grumpy seagull — only in Seattle is this considered a beautiful day.

Get your cup on at Victrola Coffee Roasters


Maybe it’s because Seattle smells like rain brewing in a big coffee pot. Or maybe because it’s the birthplace of Starbucks and Seattle’s Best. Whatever it is, you gotta “do coffee” if you’re Seattle, much like you have to “do Mexican” in LA or “do pizza” in New York. But if you’re going to be spending $5 on coffee, you’d want the good stuff, right?

Eight-legged Wonder: Celebrating the Giant Octopus at Seattle Aquarium

In honor of the passing of Paul the Octopus — the famed creature who correctly predicted the outcome of eight World Cup games — today’s post is a tribute to the octopus, a truly amazing animal. I recently got to view a giant Pacific octopus up close at the Seattle Aquarium, where they keep one regularly on display.