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Simple Pleasures


Sometimes all you want is beer and cake.  Not necessarily at the same time. Eugene, Oregon has just want you want. Perhaps just what you need. Ninkasi Brewing Company (map) 272 Van Buren St. Eugene, OR 97402 541.344.2739 Sweet Life Patisserie (map) 755 Monroe Street Eugene, OR 97402 541.683.5676

Portland. Keeping it weird.


Portland is a lot like that cool uncle of yours, the one with the tattoo and the longish hair who used to show up at family functions with stories flushed with innuendos about hot girls and smoking pot, which only sounded mysterious and cool as a seven year old.  Also, he bought you Mario Bros…

Confessions of a Nonalcoholic, Part II

The gripping conclusion (drama effect added) to my saga as a lifelong Asian lightweight: learning to drink as an “adult” and reconciling the inextricable tie of alcohol with my career.

Confessions of a Nonalcoholic, Part I

My name is Nancy. I am Asian. I am a nonalcoholic. I’ve struggled with the non-ability to drink since I was born. This is the beginning of my journey of lifelong social embarrassment.