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The Mysterious Man of Kowloon Walled City Park


Humidity enveloped my clothing in a blanket of sweat as I trudged from the subway stop, taking great care to follow the path delineated in my Kowloon walking tour map.  Halfway through a week in Hong Kong and its surrounds, I was ready to throw in the towel.  My feet hurt from several days of walking,…

Yuexiu Park and the Symbol of Guangzhou

yuexiu park

Home to the famous Statue of the Five Rams (or Five Goats, depending on your translation), Yuexiu Park is Guangzhou’s central park, equal parts tourist attraction and gathering spot for the locals. Tourists come for the statue, a magnificent stone carving of these legendary animals.

A Thousand Words: Add a little sunshine to your day

I snapped this lone sunflower at Elyria Canyon Park in Mount Washington. It’s a sleepy little park (and sleepy little neighborhood) in the heart of the Eastside. Hard to imagine that this is the backyard for so many in this neighborhood.

LA’s Cure for Cabin Fever

I get cabin fever far too easily. I blame it on Los Angeles. After almost eight years of living here, I admit that I’m — for lack of a better term — a pussy when it comes to the weather. Yes, I am ashamed.