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Coffee & Doughnuts the Portland Way


Coffee and doughnuts. The Northeast does Dunkin. The South does Krispy Kreme. Canada does Tim Horton’s. And Portland? Well, Portland doesn’t do chains. Unless of course they are locally owned, organically grown, artisanally focused and, of course, quirky to the fullest.

Breukelen Bier Merchants – Williamsburg

Pretzel and brat panini

Brooklyn’s hybrid bar and beer store wants to be all things to all cerevisaphiles. In many ways, it has completely accomplished that.

Cross-country Meat Fest – The Guide


2010 was a major year for me… a trip to Bali, a blissful summer parting with my beloved Los Angeles, and finally a cross-country road trip to New York. After six days, 3,000 miles and untold amounts of gas, I made it to my new home. Moments of boredom and fatigue were countered with unparalleled…

An ode to Pike Place Market


I know Seattle is much more than Pike Place and coffee, but for whatever reason I always find myself at the market every time I’m here. The brisk morning walk from a downtown hotel is just too convenient, the lure of the waterfront too inviting, and the draw of food and shopping and restaurants too exciting.