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Bastardizing the Glamping Name

Al Maha

Everyone in the tourism sector loves a buzzword, and in this century, it has been markedly environmental. Sustainability. Eco-tourism. Green hotels. So when “Glamping” hit the scene circa 2007, the travel industry was beside themselves at this untapped opportunity to exploit so many things that White People love.

Win one of 7 Oregon Bounty “Cuisinternships”

In a perfect marriage of all the things that I think are most wonderful in life — food, travel, and incredibly smart marketing campaigns — Travel Oregon has launched a new campaign to promote culinary tourism within the state: the Oregon Bounty Cuisinternship Contest. Ever want to try catching fresh Dungeness crab on the Pacific? How about crushing Pinot grapes during harvest? Or milking cows for Rogue Creamery’s luscious raw milk blue cheese? How about doing all that and more on an all-expense paid weeklong trip to Oregon?

Bradley’s Summer Garden Ratatouille

The other day I stopped by my friend Bradley Tuck’s place for a little visit. Bradley is a freelance food and travel writer (whom I’ve had the pleasure of working with), as well as an incredible gardener and landscaper. Just talking to him for five minutes about his own garden will inspire you to grow…

A quick plug for Food Inc.

Though I am resigned to believing that I am preaching to choir here, I want to highly recommend that you see the recently released documentary Food Inc., a veritable food horror story of America’s industrialized food system and its numerous effects on our health, environment, economy and more.