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Portland. Keeping it weird.


Portland is a lot like that cool uncle of yours, the one with the tattoo and the longish hair who used to show up at family functions with stories flushed with innuendos about hot girls and smoking pot, which only sounded mysterious and cool as a seven year old.  Also, he bought you Mario Bros…

20 Things To Do in LA Before I Move

In mid-August, I’ll be uprooting my Angeleno roots for life in the Big Apple. As a new NYU grad student, what exhilaration I have for starting a new professional path has been eclipsed by my love for Los Angeles. This city, for all its maddening traffic and Hollywood flippancy, is pretty damned amazing. So always the procrastinator, I’ve got about eight weeks to cram in all the things that I didn’t get around to doing in eight years.